We are an independent VoIP consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We specialized in providing custom VoIP SIP based solutions using Kamailio and OpenSIPS SIP proxy servers:
    - custom SIP VoIP solutions based on the Kamailio and/or OpenSIPS projects.
    - consulting for Kamailio and OpenSIPS based deployments (configuration and/or custom code to fit your needs).

Kamailio and OpenSIPS are highly scalable SIP proxy servers that can provide many features like:
    - SIP proxy/registrar/redirect server
    - NAT traversal solution
    - ALG (Application Layer Gateway)
    - SBC (Session Border Controller)
    - LCR (Least cost routing)
    - SCA/SLA presence server (Shared Call Appearance / Shared Line Appearance)
    - load balancing

At VoIP Embedded we believe in personal service and one to one interaction. We work closely with each client to outline and address their specific needs and expectations.

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